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Thanksgiving Is Over But Don’t Get Back on Your “Diet”

Thanksgiving Is Over But Don’t Get Back On Your “Diet”


The word “diet”

Now just to be clear, we are not saying to eat like it’s Thanksgiving every day.  What we don’t like is the word “diet” and all its misconceptions.  The fact is we are all on a diet whether healthy or unhealthy.  We may be trying to lose weight or gain weight (and yes some people have trouble gaining weight).  It might work for some people to keep track of every calorie consumed in their “diet” and every calorie burned, but for most people it is very difficult to keep up with that type of regimented program for a long period of time.  This is why many experience the weight gain and loss yo-yo affect.

Let’s talk “Choices” not diet…

We think for most people it comes down to making healthy choices in regard to our nutrition and exercise.  As each of us goes through our day there are moments where a choice has to be made with respect to a healthy lifestyle.  The key step here is to identify those ”moments of truth” in the grocery store, at the restaurant, or at the fitness club and realize we have the choice on what decision to make.  It’s about taking responsibility for those choices.

Accountability and you…

We all need to be accountable to ourselves when it comes to our lifestyle choices and take responsibility for their consequences.  In the end no “diet” will work until you as an individual recognize the “moments of truth” in your daily routine and make the decisions that will support a healthy lifestyle.  Ultimately you control how you choose to follow and be accountable for the nutrition and exercise programs you participate in.

Long Term Success

By looking past a specific structured diet plan and focusing in on being personally accountable in making choices consistent with a healthy lifestyle, you will be on your way to long term success without being on a “diet”.



What is the Functional Fit Club

What is the Functional Fit Club? The Creation of a Results Based-Training Facility for Life Changing Results

It started with two guys with a meaningful passion and larger than life dream. That meaningful passion consisted of truly wanting to help clients achieve the best possible long-term health and fitness results based off of their desired goals. That larger than life dream consisted of creating a specialized fitness training facility that could be the catalyst to help them get there.

Over the course of a year the planning started in order to accomplish this. Every detail from the name of the business, vision statement, training philosophy, colors, hand-selected equipment to use for the training, and much more were carefully thought of and implemented to produce happier and healthier results.

The Functional Fit Club name was formed by the type of training philosophy we believe in and use with our clients which is called, “functional fitness.” We chose to add the word club to it because it has been proven that belonging to a group or community with like goals and interests within health and fitness can help enhance results.  Red is a color used widely throughout the club and logo because it is associated with energy, strength, power, determination, passion, desire, love, and can help increase respiration rate and enhance human metabolism.

The training philosophy of Functional Fitness can be very dynamic in nature when explaining and describing it’s concepts. Functional Fitness is the idea of training many muscle groups to work together at one time to mimic and improve real-life activities and real-life body positions and movements. Life requires the body to have strength, balance, flexibility, power, coordination, and proper muscle tone which all can be improved through Functional Fitness. This type of training can also be specifically beneficial for athletes and sports, the elderly and aging population, and injury prevention. This is the concept that applies to the Life Changing Results.

The tools and equipment that can be found and used here for the customized personal training programs are designed to get the highest return of results from all aspects of Functional Fitness. This in turn is what makes the facility a Results-Based Facility.

We are over-the-top excited to finally have our combined passion and dream come alive, in order to give clients everything they desire to achieve with their health and fitness goals.

Come see us today at 168 Lake Ave. Maitland, FL 32751



The PLANK exercise has gained enormous popularity within the fitness community over these recent years and could quite possibly be labeled as the "IT" exercise to do for the CORE and ABDOMINALS, this is definitely for good reason. If you have not attempted, or have attempted, but have not been consistently incorporating this exercise in your fitness routine, I strongly suggest that you start doing so because the benefits are immense to your body.

First, the PLANK is an exercise that can be used by most anyone from the beginner level to the highly advanced level, with modifications being made to the exercise based on the level you are at. It can be done anywhere at any time, there is no requirement for needing access to a fancy gym and high priced exercise equipment, and no need for a partner, spotter, or fitness trainer present.

I will attach a WARNING LABEL to this: make sure you learn the proper form and technique first so injuries are prevented and best results are made and gained from doing the exercise. I can highly recommend seeking out the helpful advice of a certified and qualified fitness professional to make sure you can optimize your RESULTS with this EXERCISE. A shameless plug for such a qualified FITNESS PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL TRAINER can be found at Functional Fit Club located at 168 Lake Avenue Maitland, FL 32751.

Second, the PLANK has this long list of increased benefits to the body, which I will now go through. It builds overall STABILITY of the entire body from head to toe. Stability is important because without it, our bodies would be very flimsy and fragile making use more susceptible to being knocked around and falling down. It builds entire body STABILIZER muscles. Stabilizer muscles allow your body to lift heavier weights and do more repetitions so that you can increase muscle strength and size, which will also help you drop body fat simultaneously.

It also provides TONING, STRENGTHING, and CARDIOVASCULAR work all into one exercise. When your muscles feel sore after a workout for a day or two, it is your body’s way of telling you that toning and strengthening are taking place. The PLANK can be felt in the areas of the abs, back, legs, arms, and shoulders, meaning that this is where the toning and strengthening are taking place. The cardiovascular benefits come from the longer or more advanced the PLANK position is held. When doing this exercise and feeling your heart pounding quicker with more rapid breathing patterns, this is the cardiovascular benefits taking form. By combining an exercise that supplies resistance and cardiovascular into one, it saves time and increases the intensity of your program making it quicker and easier to get results.